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2 injured after car driver hits loading auto and cyclist


Two people including a cyclist and an auto driver got injured after a car driven by a woman, first hit the cyclist and then the loading auto, before crashing into the wall.

The accident took place today evening at Aravali Vatika, Swaroop Sagar road. Both injured were rushed to MB Hospital.


According to sources, a woman, resident of Madhuban was going towards Mulla Talai in her car, while passing through Aravali Vatika. She lost her control, hit a cyclist and subsequently smacked a loading auto coming from opposite side.

Due to the collision, the auto rolled over several times, while the car crashed into the wall. The driver was with her 7-year-old daughter.


The cyclist, Narayan Harijan and the auto driver, Harish Modi were rushed to MB Hospital. Narayan is an employee at hospital and was returning home from work.

Ambamata Police responded to the scene and did all legal formalities.

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  1. Mufaddal says

    Why is the identity of the car driver not mentioned?
    In Udaipur, the Civic sense of driving is inversely proportional to the rate of increasing Luxury cars on road.
    In Udaipur, Luxury car owners & their respective drivers drive like they are driving in a Need for Speed game.


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