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2 Wheel 4 Feet Reaches Udaipur


Harmindar and Bhupindar Singh of Srinagar set on a journey on a bike, spreading the message against Social issues, reached Udaipur today and visited CTAE College to hold talks with students. The Duo under the banner ‘2 Wheel 4 Feet’ would travel across India in 60 days, they started their journey from Chandigarh on 25th December.

In the expedition of 60 days, Harmindar Singh and Bhupindar Singh will travel around 10,000 kms. across India, conveying the message against Social issues, like eve teasing, domestic violence, female feticide and strengthening education system for the disabled.

The partners will visit various colleges of cities that they pass through and will be interacting with students and discuss about their field of interest, so that they can be helped with choosing perfect direction in career ahead.

Harmindar Singh is an engineering student at Chandigarh, pursuing his B.Tech in Electrical and Communication, while Bhupindar Singh has completed his engineering and is into teaching profession, also pursuing his Phd. in English.

When asked about their visits particularly to the colleges, the duo says that, as most of the gender related crimes are executed by people ageing between 20’s and 30’s, comprising an age group of youngsters they have chosen to meet this strata. They believe, maximum of those who perpetrate such crimes are those who do not get placed in campus or are rejected for some or the other reasons.

Bhupindar giving example of the most controversial ‘Delhi Rape Case’ said, “Both victim and the accused were youngsters who eventually landed up in a dramatic situation, career of both parties got ruined completely”.

The couple had already discussed their agenda on social issues in Chandigarh, Delhi and Jaipur before coming down to Udaipur; they will be living for Ahmadabad tomorrow morning, continuing their pursuit to Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Kanyakumari; while on the way back they will go via Kolkata and other cities on the eastern part of the country.

Their expedition for a perfect society had landed them in CTAE College Udaipur, where the pair organized a Talk Show with pursuing students. In the talk show both Harmindar and Bhupindar briefed students about raising confidence and exploring self talent.

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