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3-Year-old Boy Hit by Jeep, sparks protest


A number of students of the Taiyabyya School at Delhi Gate walked to the Collector’s office to express their objection on the apparently illicit parking of Jeeps which ferry from the city to nearby rural areas and use the space in front of school as a common stop.

The issue ballooned when a speeding jeep knocked down a 3 year old kid studying at the same school, when the child was crossing the road with his mother today morning.

The agitated school authorities and parents have lodged a complaint against the suspected drivers and handed over a memorandum to District Collector Hemant Gera, before rallying from the school to the Collector’s office and also made a human chain at Delhi Gate circle.

According to the Principal of the school Quresh Rampurawala, there is an extreme disturbance not only due to these vehicles but also because dozens of food hawkers settled in front of the school. Also, many fruit and vegetable vendors dump garbage in front of school.


“We have complained several times to the Municipal Council, Police and Administration but nothing has worked yet. However, today one of our students got injured because of these drivers and now we cannot wait for any more or bigger tragedies to happen,” said Quresh Rampurawala.

3-yr-old Abbas s/o Burhan Ali was taken to Dhanmandi Police station immediately after the accident. Later he was taken to hospital, accompanied by a police constable for a medical checkup.


The driver who hit the child and allegedly abused the parents of the injured child has been detained by police. “He (driver) verbally abused me and said; ‘come in front of our vehicles only if you wish to die“ said Burhan Ali.

Many community members also joined the protest march along with school students. On the other hand, the drivers who used to stand opposite the school also came together to support the detained driver.

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  1. Hussain Ametwala says

    again a sad incident in the city, and a number of convictions, actually who is exactly responsible………..???? the victim, the auto driver, or the traffic police management…???

  2. kaedjauhar says

    wot a mockery ‘f law by d city-administration !!
    seems d constitution itself will now have tu march on d streets tu generate awareness :(
    hw can a radius ‘f 100 mtrs. from an educational premises not b free ‘f debris n dumps n who’ll assure d security ‘f d students n teachers ??

  3. hamida fakhruddin kader says

    right husain. who is responsible?actually administration is responsible .school ke nam pr govt.crores ka budget pass krti hae.education k nam pr land provide krti hae.fir bohra community se partiality kyon?barso ho gae,hame hamare haq ki zamin kyon nahi?education ki jagah ko sabzi mandi , auto stand banaya gya.JAGO BOHRA COMMUNITY JAGO!!!!!!!


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