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55 People to be honored on Republic Day in Udaipur

awardeesDistrict Level function on Republic Day will be organized at Maharana Bhupal Stadium with Flag Hoisting Ceremony at 9:05PM, to be conducted by Mahendrajeet Singh Malwiya, Minister for Rural Development, Panchayati Raj and Tribal Area Development.

Flag hoisting will be followed by parade and thereafter 55 people will be honored for their extra ordinary talent, dedicated service and remarkable achievements in different fields.

The award ceremony will be closely followed by various dance, musical and athletic presentations by school students.

As per the official list revealed by Information Centre, here are the names of Awardees, who are going to be honored by State President Malwaiya, for their outstanding contribution in the fields like education, technology, social service, sports and administrative services.

For easy navigation, we have divided the list into several categories.


  • Nasir Khan for Social Education
  • Yashvi Jain for Academics
  • Dr. Madhubala Purohit for Science Project


  • Ayushi Bolia for Basketball
  • Bhavna Katara and Mohan Kunwar for Hockey
  • Neelam Vaishnav for Swimming
  • Shekhar Sharma
  • Rajkumari Yadav
  • Nidhi Chanderia
  • Gargi Sharma
  • M.K. Pathan for Sports and Penart
  • Kundan Pandya for selection in National Level Archery


  • Dinesh Kumar Jain (senior Clerk) for services
  • Ambalal Gameti (fitter) for services
  • Shyamlal Sikligar for Official Service as Assistant
  • Sunil Bhatnagar (senior clerk) for Administrative Services
  • Dhyanchand Dalal (Land Recorder) for services
  • Devendra Singh Rathod (senior clerk) for services
  • Nandlal Joshi for administrative work
  • Ravindra Kumar Surana for contributing in Direct Cash Transfer Scheme
  • Shyam Sunder Panchal for Administrative work
  • Shankarlal Dhobi for Physical Education (Jhadol)
  • Pradeep Somani (assistant engineer) for his services
  • Narayan Lal Mali for State Administrative Services
  • Firoz Khan Pathan (clerk) for administrative services
  • Jagpal Singh Chouhan (Devsthan) for services
  • Babulal Chouhan for services
  • Satyanarayan (driver) for services
  • Ganesh Lal for coordinating and working in villages for Hygiene Project
  • Mahesh Kumar Sharma for serving as Lab Assistant at Water Testing Laboratory
  • Satish Chandra Bhatnagar for Ayurvedic Medicine Field
  • Nisha Agarwal (junior engineer) for serving in BPL Yojna Project
  • Laluram Gameti (clerk) for State Administrative services
  • Kishanlal Badgurjar (senior clerk) for Education work
  • Dr. Avinash Meshram for Free Veterinary Medicine
  • Babulal Paliwal for Forest Development and Security


  • Dinesh Kumar Jain for Indian Culture and Society
  • Garvita Bapna for Dance


  • Pradeep Gaud ( Pratahkal)
  • Dr. Muneesh Arora (Punjab Kesari)
  • Kailash Sankhla ( Dainik Bhaskar)
  • Mukesh Mundra ( Khabar Bharti)


  • Pawan Chittoda for Bravery (He successfully caught unidentified attackers who injured Chittoda after firing at him)
  • Zulfikar Ahmed Qureshi for assisting Hajj Pilgrims
  • Nanalal Jarfa for attempting to end custom of Motana
  • Shailendra Pandya
  • Vijay Singh Baghela for helping Debari accident victims
  • Rajkumari Menaria


  • Daulat Sen for making World’s Largest Turban
  • Narpat Singh Rajpurohit for NCC
  • Mohan Singh Rajput for agriculture and farming foreign vegetables
  • Yash Sharma for Promoting Udaipur through Web
  • Savita Parmar for Best management of Girl’s Hostel, Salumber
  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar Bharadia for providing medical services
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