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6 hours blackout in Bohrawadi and Delhi Gate

Whence we all are not very happy with the heat during the day and the accompanying electricity cuts during peak hours of the day, today the residents of Dholibawri, Bohrawadi and few parts of Delhi Gate faced an unfortunate Black-Out for straight 6 hours from 4.30 PM to 10.30 PM due to some fault in the high tension electricity wire lines.

In the afternoon around 4.30 PM, because of a short-circuit on a pole in the area; the insulation broke down, leading to a power cutoff in Dholibawri, Bohrawadi and Delhi Gate.

The inception point of fault was difficult to find for the wiremen of the Electricity Board employees who came to rectify the problem, primarily due to darkness.  After struggling for more than 2-3 hours, they finally got hold of the problem and fixed the issue in high tension electricity lines that run over Basti Ram Ji Ki Baari area.

The residents of the localities took a blissful sigh when the electricity came back at 10.30 pm.

The Electricity Board is already on their toes as they are facing the heat from the public due to the brutal electricity cut-offs in the city, and today resulted in ‘a-day-in-hell’ where they struggled detecting a fault like a poor cow lost in the woods.

3 years ago


  1. Jimmy says

    We are facing this kind of Blackouts since “1947”, and don’t know about how long this is going to continue…???


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