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9th Voluntary Body Donation at M.B Hospital


Anatomy Department of M.B Hospital has received the 9th Body as part of its Voluntary Donation program.  The dead body of Roshan Lal Jain (Rantiya), who passed away on 17th June at the age of 92 years was handed over to the hospital.  In all, this year a total of 17 bodies were received out of which 8 were unclaimed.

In todays case, however, even though there was no prior registration with the M.B. Hospital, but the body was accepted by the doctors on account of natural death of the deceased.

According to Dr. Ghanshyam Gupta, Professor, Department of Anatomy, M.B.Hospital, in case of no prior registration of donation, the Will of the present family members are considered. Apart from 17 bodies received until now, the department has also received 18 registrations for donating their body with the hospital.

2 years ago

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