2 cars ram into each other-10 injured

10 injured in an accident between 2 cars.

2 cars ram into each other-10 injured

2 cars rammed into each other on Udaipur-Banswara road on Monday night. 10 people are reportedly injured in this accident.

As per reports, an accident took place between 2 cars near Jhallara village at Udaipur-Banswara road. 10 people are injured, 4 of these are from the same family and 6 others were students who were on their return after appearing for an exam.

Late night on Monday, a car that was coming from Dungarpur side rammed into a car coming from the opposite direction. This 2nd car had a family from Udaipur who were heading towards Banswara road. The accident was so severe that both the car fronts got completely damaged. The car with Udaipur had Kan Singh and his family which included 2 children. The students in the other car also got injured. All injured were rushed to Government hospital in Salumber. As per reports, Kan Singh and his wife are in critical condition.

The spot where this accident took place has narrowed down because of gravel on the road. As a result, both vehicles had a headlong collision. Obviously the passengers were not aware of the condition of road and the accident took place. Villagers of the area are agitated because of negligence in road construction and have demanded that the gravel be removed immediately.

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