Accident at Udaipur-Ahemdabad highway|5 dead

Accident at Udaipur-Ahemdabad highway.

Accident at Udaipur-Ahemdabad highway|5 dead

5 members of the same family died in an accident at Udaipur-Ahmedabad highway on Wednesday afternoon. There were 5 members of the same family on a bike, 2 kids, 2 women and one man. As per reports, the man aged 30 years was on his way to a village falling under Jawar Mines area with others. There is a 6-lane work going on near Pipli-B. The bike was hit by an unidentified vehicle while trying to move ahead. As a result, the bike fell into a nallah at road side and all pillion riders got seriously injured. People saw this and informed others in the village. Parsad police was also informed about the accident and ambulance was called for. 3 of the injured died before the ambulance reached the site. A woman and a little girl were rushed to hospital in Udaipur where they died during treatment.

It has been reported that the 6-lane work has become the main reason behind accidents in this area. Road sides are being dug and the debris is obstructing in smooth operation of traffic. 15 accidents have occurred since the commencement of this work.

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