35 people arrested on New Year eve

35 people arrested on New Year eve for creating nuisance after drinking.

35 people arrested on New Year eve

New Year eve is the time where people enjoy by dancing, merry making and even drinking. Alcohol consumption to a limit is fine during parties. But creating nuisance after over drinking invites trouble.

35 people were arrested in different areas of the city for misbehaving, fighting and for drunken driving after party of 31st eve. People tend to over drink and lose control over their senses during parties. They also misbehave with others and even indulge in arguments and fights after consuming too much of alcohol. In Pratapnagar area itself police arrested 25 people for such disturbing activities.

Police conducted a check after people were returning from New Year parties. They used breath analysers to check the strength of liquor consumed by people driving in the city after party. All those who were heavily drunk and creating nuisance after the party and driving rashly were arrested by police under IPC 185 and Section 151. Police also seized 5 cars and 4 bikes belonging to the arrested people.

Source : bhaskarnews

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