Emphasis on school transport safety-Follow rules strictly

School transportation to follow strict rules for safety of children.

Emphasis on school transport safety-Follow rules strictly

Accidents of school transport vehicles have become very common. Eyes have shed loads of tears and hearts have been pained to the deepest core. Keeping this in mind, administration has alerted schools many times in the past regarding safety rules to be followed, precautions to be taken and more importantly the school’s role in asserting safety of their transport. Yet most of the things have fallen on deaf ears. Administration has decided to take severe actions against schools and vehicle drivers for not following safety rules.

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A meeting was held on Monday between traffic department and school transport committee. Representatives from different schools, District Transport Officers, NGO, van and auto union members participated in this meeting. Transport officer Parbat Singh issued directives to all schools and drivers regarding safe transportation of school vehicles. The drivers were instructed to wear uniforms and carry their driving licenses with them failing which action will be taken against them. It was also directed that schools must issue strict rules on their own level in the very beginning so that none of the rules and regulations seem forced upon later and are duly followed by the vehicle drivers. Each vehicle must have GPS and the mobile numbers of the school and the driver must be reflected on the vehicle. Parents are also to be enrolled in road safety clubs of every school. Any negligence in following of rules by schools and/or drivers will be dealt with strictly.

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