Illegal construction alongside Pichola demolished

An illegal construction alongside Lake Pichola was demolished on Tuesday.

Illegal construction alongside Pichola demolished

Municipal Corporation demolished an illegally constructed house alongside Lake Pichola on Tuesday. Reportedly, 5 floors were constructed ignoring the notice of corporation.

As informed by anti-encroachment wing of Municipal Corporation, Babu Khan demolished his house which was an old construction and built a five-floored house without taking approval. He was issued a notice by Municipal Corporation but he ignored the notice and continued with the illegal construction. A team of Municipal Corporation went to the site on Tuesday and punctured the roof along with breaking the inner walls of the house.

The affected party pleaded the team not to demolish the house and also said that they will pay all taxes and have it regularised. Prima facie the place was being constructed to be used for commercial purposes.

The point to be noted is that the area used for construction comes under controlled construction prohibitory region zone 1. As per the orders of high court, no construction can be done in this zone. The question is that how this building was constructed against law in the first plac!! Municipal Corporation wasted enough time in waiting after serving notice to the party in question and the party continued with illegal construction without fear.

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