Illegal restaurant demolished by Municipal Corporation

Illegal construction demolished in Mission Compound at Swaroop Sagar.

Illegal restaurant demolished by Municipal Corporation

Municipal Corporation demolished an illegally made restaurant at Swaroop Sagar road on Thursday. The restaurant was running in an iron cabin in Mission Compound colony. Parvez Massey put up this iron cabin illegally in the front back set of his residence. He was sent a notice regarding the same by Municipal Corporation which went ignored. The cabin was then rented out for restaurant purpose. Municipal Corporation’s team then finally ran a bull-dozer over the cabin and demolished it.

The moment the anti-encroachment team reached to take action against this, former councillor Ajay Porwal also reached the place and started opposing the act of demolition. He said that there are many other encroachments and illegal constructions going on in the city but administration is not taking any action against them. The team still carried out its task and demolished the cabin.

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