Illegally constructed shop demolished in Manva Kheda

Illegal construction demolished by UIT.

Illegally constructed shop demolished in Manva Kheda

UIT demolished an illegally constructed shop in Manva Kheda area on Tuesday. The land behind the shop was also encroached. UIT took charge of demolishing this encroachment since the property is actually a government land.

Jagannath Dangi encroached a piece of land which actually belongs to UIT. He constructed a shop on this land and also encroached the back portion by constructing a boundary wall. He was notified by UIT regarding this property which went ignored and he continued with the construction.

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On Tuesday, a team of UIT went to Manva Kheda and demolished the illegal construction. The family members of the accused even opposed the action of UIT but the presence of police force suppressed their opposition.

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