New water pipelines to run in the city

New water pipelines to be laid in Udaipur city.

New water pipelines to run in the city

To deal with water trouble, it has been decided to lay new water lines in the entire city. Municipal Corporation has given its consent for spreading water pipelines worth 3.15 crore rupees.

In a meeting with Water Supply Committee on Wednesday, Municipal Corporation finalised the project for regularising water distribution system. PHED department had presented a project worth 35 crores which had a proposal for 8 water tanks and running pipe lines in the entire city excluding areas which fall under wall city. Taking the shortage of budget into consideration, Municipal Corporation agreed on 3.15 crore rupees for the purpose of pipelines. For water tanks, budget will be finalised later.

As per Mayor of Municipal Corporation, there was not enough budget as projected in the report by PHED, hence PHED has been asked to create a plan for water tanks based on necessity of concerned areas. It was also pointed out that water works will be carried out in wall city under smart-city project. In case of requirement during summer season, water tankers will be supplied in these areas. XEN Municipal Corporation Mukesh Pujari, PHED XEN Lokesh Chobisa, President of water supply department Rehana Germanwala, Sanjay Srivastava and other committee members were present in the meeting.

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