Privatisation of Hotel Anand Bhawan? Protest begins

Protest against privatisation of Hotel Anand Bhawan.

Privatisation of Hotel Anand Bhawan? Protest begins

Privatisation of Hotel Anand Bhawan of Udaipur and Hotel Khasa Kothi of Jaipur is not being taken lightly by public. Along with public, political parties are also standing against the decision of government.  As per public representatives, privatisation of public properties is a disgraceful act. Any property going in losses should be taken care of and uplifted instead of being handed over in private hands. They also said that public opinion should also be asked for in such matters.

It has been suggested that instead of doing away with such properties, they should be converted to circuit houses and protected well. Selling them off is deplorable. One of the representatives also said that no one has the right to destroy such properties which hold historical importance. A lot of public properties have already been sold by government in the past. We need to conserve these public properties.

Anand Bhawan holds a lot of importance in Udaipur city. Selling such a reputed property will be injustice to all. If the property is sold out to private parties, the biggest impact will be on the employees who are likely to face unemployment after privatisation.

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