Seized vehicles to be auctioned by police

Seized vehicles to be auctioned by Udaipur police.

Seized vehicles to be auctioned by police

Udaipur police has asked for claims of seized vehicles. It may be noted that 198 vehicles have been seized by police in various actions taken against vehicle owners. Police stations are now packed with such vehicles. These actions include document checks, license, not following traffic rules among many others. SP Kailash Bishnoi informed that if the vehicle owners do not claim their vehicles within a period of 3 months and do not provide any information regarding their seized vehicles, then the vehicles will be sent for auction.

Various vehicles were seized under Section 38 of Police Act and are lying in the different police stations of the city. The vehicle owner can claim his vehicle from the respective police station of his area. After the lapse of the claim period, the vehicles will be auctioned as per Rajasthan Police Rules 2008 (Rule 8). Goverdhan Vilas Police station seized the maximum (97) number of vehicles.

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