Terrorist look-alike spotted in Udaipur

Terrorist look-alike in Udaipur

Terrorist look-alike spotted in Udaipur

After the sketch of the Afghani terrorist was released by the IB agencies following news of possible terror-attack in Udaipur and Gujarat, reports rolled out stating that a man was spotted in Udaipur who resembled the terrorist to a great extent. The news created a stir in the police department.

Police department got information about a man who checked into a hotel which falls under the Ambamata police station area. He was accompanied by one more person. The reason behind the suspicion was that they refused to produce their identity cards. The hotel staff refused to provide rooms in the absence of identity. The 2 then left which raised the doubts of the hotel staff as they were aware of the terrorist attack news and had also seen the sketch in the news papers. The hotel staff called up the police and gave them the CCTV footage. Police took quick action and found out the details of these 2 men.

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The man who resembled the terrorist in the sketch turned out to be a building contractor from Haryana. These 2 men Khoobi Akhtar and Asif were in town following their contract. Police released them after thorough investigation. It was revealed that the 2 men left the hotel because the rent which was 1400 rupees seemed comparatively high. Later they checked into another private hotel which had lesser tariff. The investigations were carried out by Action Commando team of ATS.

Earlier when the first news of the terror alert was posted in UdaipurTimes, a reader had mentioned seeing the look-alike at Fatehpura… following which UdaipurTimes alerted the police on Tuesday 20 August.

Terrorist look-alike spotted in Udaipur

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