UIT gets into action again-Encroachments demolished

UIT's anti-encroachment drive is on.

UIT gets into action again-Encroachments demolished

Going ahead with the anti-encroachment tasks, UIT has once again taken action against some of the illegal constructions in the city. 3 of the illegally constructed areas were demolished on Tuesday. One of UIT’s properties in Dhol ki Paati was encroached by Kanhaiya Lal Dangi who constructed a boundary wall and then opened a plywood godown on it. He also encroached some more part of the land which also falls under UIT’s jurisdiction.

Another property was encroached by Ratanlal where he started rearing pigs. Even in Savina Kheda, a property was fortified by Kailash Gameti illegally. All these illegal constructions were demolished by UIT on Tuesday.

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