Use e-rickshaw|Convert Udaipur into a low-carbon city

Efforts to convert Udaipur into a pollution free city.

Use e-rickshaw|Convert Udaipur into a low-carbon city

To spread the message of converting Udaipur into a low-carbon city, Mayor Chandra Singh Kothari and CEO Siddharth Sihag reached office by e-rickshaw on Friday. E-rickshaw operations completed one year in Udaipur. In April 2017, e-rickshaws were introduced in Udaipur with the support of Swiss Development Corporation.

Mayor and CEO of Municipal Corporation wanted to convey the importance of pollution free city; hence they tried to set an example for the citizens by using e-rickshaw. Efforts are being made to operate e-rickshaws at Fatehsagar and even in the wall city area. The agenda will be planned in a meeting to be held with Traffic committee.

Converting Udaipur into a pollution free city is important from every angle. Ait pollution, noise pollution, water pollution all need to be controlled. A good step in this direction has begun by awareness towards lakes. Now administration must make relevant efforts to promote e-rickshwas in the city so that air pollution can be brought under control.

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