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Agitated Locals halt Parking lot construction


An under construction parking lot in Kumawat Pura at Nada Kheda in Jogiwara, Bapu Bazaar was stopped today on the disapproval of local residents.

Today morning, an approved space for parking in the inner part of ward 43, faced strong objection from the residents in the area, which subsequently resulted in halting the construction work. The residents of the area claimed that the roads are too congested and a small girl was fatally injured by a heavy vehicle in that area in the past.

On getting the information, local Corporator K.K Kumawat and Paras Singhvi reached the spot. Later the site engineers also visited the site and tried to convince the people but failed to restart the construction process. The residents demanded develop of a public park instead of a parking lot..

According to information given to UT, a girl child died had died in an accident when an on duty Muncipal truck hit her while the truck was heading towards a waste dumping section in the same area. Where the investigations had not come to a conclusion, the file for this case was silently closed.

“We are living in the waste for a long time, and haven’t seen any development activity from the government side till now. All of us want a parking space for old folks and kid, and also as there is no open space in the area to carry out small functions” said Jamna Bai Gavri a local resident.

“We don’t want any parking space to be installed in the area, as the area is clogged; also the roads, waste dumping section of the Municipal Corporation, etc. are already a problem for us”, said Sunil Kumar Harijan, a local resident.

“This space is the property of the State Government, and parking space has been approved in the Board meeting” said K.K Kumawat, Local Corporator.

“We will talk to the residents for a solution, but the parking place won’t be constructed,” said Shishirkant Varshivey, Executive Engineer, Nagar Parishad Udaipur.

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