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AIESEC Launches Udaipur Chapter


World’s largest student run organization, AIESEC has launched its Udaipur chapter. It was declared as an official expansion of AIESEC Jaipur on 1st of February in NLS (National Leader Summit) which was held in Bharoad.

AIESEC Udaipur has already started to provide its student members in Udaipur with a platform to discover their leadership potential and have a satisfying and fulfilling international experience through their internship program.

Through the Outgoing Global Community Development Program (OGCDP), AIESEC raised 5 interns from Udaipur who were given the opportunity to go for internship amongst the six countries namely Sri Lanka, Russia, Indonesia, China, Mauritius and Ukraine.

Talking about the organization, Local Committee Coordinator Abhinav Gupta said, “It’s all about time and human resource utilization. Seeing through the faces of the youth, we feel that we need a different world to display our true skills and knowledge that we have gained through years.”

The AIESEC Udaipur Management Board for 3 Months Term that started from 13 January is as follows:-

Shakti Srivastav – Outgoing Global Community Development Program

Chirag Kohli – Incoming Global Community Development Program

Ambrish Rai – Business Development

Anchit Gupta – Incoming Graduate Internship Program

Utkarsh Goswami – Outgoing Graduate Internship Program

Mayuri Tyagi – Talent Management

Shubham Saurabh – Information Management

Ravi Chauhan – Finance

AIESEC has a network of 113 countries and over 20,000 international internships each year. It provides its members with an integrated development experience comprised of leadership opportunities, international internships and participation in a global learning environment.

To know more about the organization, one can visit their website and Udaipur Facebook page-

Website: – http://www.aiesec.in

Facebook page: – https://www.facebook.com/AiesecUdaipur

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