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Another Hanging Billboard invites Mishap


Last Friday on 19th April, a billboard fell down over a high voltage electric wire and ignited fire at Surajpol area; the incident could get worse, but alert and timely reaction by local residents prevented further disaster.

The similar scene was observed near Celebration Mall, Bhuwana where a huge bill board is torn and hanging for another mishap, however, there is no electric wire passing by.

Udaipur is witnessing windy climate since last few days, many hoardings and billboards installed several feet over the ground has been affected by the air current.

Municipal Corporation of Udaipur has not taken any effective measure to avoid any incident due to slacked billboards in many areas of the city.

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  1. xyz says

    You should have given some sort of credit. I had tweeted this on 20th. Check your account. “@UdaipurTimes after an incident in front of Ashoka cinema, another one waiting parallel to celebrations mall. pic.twitter.com/ecKFuB0UU6”


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