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Aravali Hills to get loaded with Flowering Trees


There has been another addition in the initiative of making Udaipur Clean and Green, where District Administration along with Forest Department has decided to plant trees on various hills surrounding City of Lakes.

According to Ashutosh A.T. Pednekar, District Collector, Udaipur, “The trees will include Kachnar and Amaltas. They will be planted in huge numbers on various sides of hills particularly those around the lakes.”

Pednekar further informed that along with Kachnar and Amaltas, other types of dense and flowering trees will be established. Also it will be ensured that entry of animals is checked on the hills.

“Officials of forest department will ensure proper spacing between each plant and availability of these trees,” added Pednekar.

Apart from planting trees on hills, Horticulture Department along with Hindustan Zinc will plant ornamental trees by the road sides. One model road will be developed shortly which will help in developing remaining roads.

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  1. Dr P C Jain, udaipur says

    Planting new trees is very good while we must also try to preserve the existing age old multipurpose, medicinal as well as ornamental trees in Aravallis like beautiful Semal tree.


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