GST hits Tibet Market-Woollens become expensive

GST hits Tibet market.

GST hits Tibet Market-Woollens become expensive

GST has taken its toll everywhere. It has even hit the Tibet market.

Tibet market held in Samor Baag every year in winters is showing the effect of GST. Now that winter has set in, people have started rushing in to the Tibet market that supplies the city’s common man with the required woollens. Every year this market witnesses local crowds interested in buying winter wear for whole family.

This year, too, public has rushed in to the Tibet market but are disappointed with the high rates of the products. Woollen wear has certainly gone expensive, thanks to GST!! Pockets are going lighter with every purchase. The market has 56 stalls sporting more than 50 varieties of woollen wear.

GST hits Tibet Market-Woollens become expensive

The shop owners initially carried a fear of fewer sales this year due to GST. But the stylish winter clothing is enough to attract the youngsters, especially college students. Jackets and sweaters in different designs and stylish looks have become an attraction amongst the youngsters.

It has been pointed out by one of the shop owners that young females are always hunting for stylish shawls and stoles. This search has ended in Tibet market. The market has poncho shawls, half and full collar sweaters and even fancy woollen clothing.

GST has been applied at the rate of 5 percent on winter wear. This may prove to be expensive for the products that are heavily priced but it will not have much of an effect on products of lower range. Event then the variety in clothing is enough to attract the customers.

There are people who buy products every year from this Tibet market. Public keeps waiting for the market to set up the moment they feel the chill going high up in the wind. Basically Tibet market fills the needs of the general public and they are happy to buy stylish stuff at cheaper rates than what they get at the branded showrooms.

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