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Beauty Parlor Wrecked in a Bull Fight

parlourMiscreant by stray animals reared its ugly head again as two bulls broke into a fight on the road this morning at 11:30 and crashed into a saloon, damaging its glass door. Fortunately, no one was reported hurt in the incident.

Veenu Beauty Parlor, situated in Boharwadi, had its glass shield smashed when bulls, in the heat of the fight, lost control and ended up charging into the shop. “It was a horrifying incident but fortunately, no one was hurt. There were 2 kids and a few more customers in the parlor at the time when the accident occurred,” said Veenu, owner of the parlor.

This is yet another incident to the ever-increasing list of problems caused due to the stray animals. Stray animals regularly create problems in the city by either disturbing road traffic or creating risks for passersby. Though authorities are trying to solve the issue, no effective measures have been implemented so far.

3 years ago

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  1. vijay says

    Make a committee to look in to the incident and another to check what can be done to stop this civil co-existence!


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