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Bihari Community Celebrates Chhath


Around thousands of Bihari natives, on the sixth day after Diwali celebrated Chhath Pooja on the banks of lakes in and around Udaipur; various fruits and vegetables were offered during sunrise and sunset today.

In Udaipur, the pooja was carried out at Fatehsagar, Doodh Talai and on various ghats around town, by more than thousands of Bihari natives settled in city.



The Chhath Pooja is one of the major communal events in UP, Bihar and West Bangal, only married people can become part of this pooja.


After offering prayers to the setting sun, the worshippers have to undergo fast, which will conclude after worshiping rising sun on the next morning.

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  1. Vinay Kumar says

    Well described the Chatt Puja celebrated by Biharis, good relevant photos taken.
    We wish the Doodh Talai to be kept clean.
    Such a good construction made in olden time, we must preserve and keep it as a unique pond…


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