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There are two types of Men. Which one are You?


Happy International Men’s Day! This is the day that focuses on men, in particular to their

1 week ago
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10 Childhood Traits that should never grow Old


With passage of time, you grow old. Well, there is no other option left with you or is there? Some

2 weeks ago
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Who should be Smart- The citizens or The governance?

For us the water bodies of Udaipur are the beautiful mesmerizing lakes, but for the Kings, they

2 weeks ago
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Langur and Pariah Dog Interaction


Salumber is a township situated 70 km from Udaipur. About 15 km from Salumber there is a small town

3 weeks ago
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10 Reasons to celebrate this Karwa Chauth with your Wife


Karwa Chauth is an auspicious occasion in the lives of married couples where the wife fasts for the

1 month ago
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7 Lessons I Learnt before launching my Startup in Udaipur


Udaipur is well-known as a “City of Lakes;” well it won’t be erroneous to term it as a “City of

1 month ago
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Writers Vs. Righters : Threats of a Totalitarian State


Writers have expressed their serious concern over the growing intolerance in the society and

1 month ago
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Why kill Ravana if we are not Rama?


Dussehra or Vijayadashmi is one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals that is not only celebrated

1 month ago
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The Best ‘Must-Visit’ 20 Cafés in Udaipur


Today, on 16th October, my social media page is filled with posts from my other foodoholic friends

1 month ago
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Writers’ Returning Awards is a Warning Bell for Democracy


More than a dozen writers of the prominence of Nayantara Sehgal, Ashok Vajpayee and Uday Prakash

1 month ago