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Come Out & Explore the World Around!


The beautiful nest of any bird, say weaver bird that looks an awesome piece of architecture; the way

2 days ago
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Do Men face discrimination or only Women who suffer?


  “Excuse me! Your bag touched me.” And before he could speak she slapped him. He got angry

3 days ago
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Movie Review: Tanu weds Manu Returns


One more dart hitting the bulls’ eye and this time it is very much expected Tanu Weds Manu Returns…

5 days ago
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MS Dhoni: Are you still criticizing Him?


We humans always look for pattern everywhere, we are comfortable seeing strategies which follow from

1 week ago
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7 Best Ideas to spend this Mother’s Day


Let’s admit, you wouldn't have been reading this, had she not been there. Mother, or you may call

2 weeks ago
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30 Simple Ways to find Happiness in Daily Life


24 hours in a day yet so less time. While the 9 to 5 job takes most of our time, other

2 weeks ago
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[Poem] Mother’s Day Special: ‘Visible God’


Crying and yelling we come in this world, Our mothers telling us that we are no less than

2 weeks ago
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The Unbought Pleasures in Life


Ever noticed a bird singing? Or the way they eat the tiny little bits of food that people drop in a

3 weeks ago
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The Goodvibes for a Positive Life!


“...We are like magnets. When we emit positive energy (thoughts, feelings and vibrations), we

1 month ago
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Be Polite to the Children of Street, says “Khushi”


I was travelling from Bangalore to Delhi in Karnataka Express. With fatigue of travelling almost 40

1 month ago