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How Some Fish Counter Depleted Oxygen Supply in Shallow Pools


Near our residence at Panchwati in Udaipur there is a nullah (water overflow channel). The excess

1 week ago
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The Leather Bag Connection!


If minimal accessory interests you, a leather bag is here to stay. And for quite long!  It would be

1 week ago
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The Day I Jumped Out of a Plane!


Have you ever heard about conquering your fears? What if your fears stand in the way of achieving

1 week ago
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Want to Propose? Come to Udaipur


She looked over at Him. "Is that a proposal?" There was a total silence for a couple of beats. He-

2 weeks ago
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Guru Nanak Jayanti: Quick Facts


On 6th November 2014, Sikhs all over the world will be celebrating Guru Nanak Jayanti with full

2 weeks ago
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Remembering Sadashiv Amrapurkar


A versatile style and an effortless portrayal of each character,  Sadhashiv Amrapurkar, the stalwart

2 weeks ago
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Fast Facts: History of Taziya in Udaipur


The Taziya procession, on the 10th day of Muharram is one of the most essential events that occur in

2 weeks ago
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HINGLISH – “What an idea, Sir-ji!


The lingo resulting from the habit of frequently mixing Hindi and English vocabulary has today

3 weeks ago
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Rubythroat in Udaipur


Nandeshwar is a small shallow lake situated about 14 km from Udaipur. The shallow part of the lake

3 weeks ago
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5 Things to know about Sunburn Festival


A few days back when I told someone, do you know Udaipur is going to host Sunburn Music Fest in

3 weeks ago