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HINGLISH – “What an idea, Sir-ji!


The lingo resulting from the habit of frequently mixing Hindi and English vocabulary has today … [Read more...]

1 day ago
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Rubythroat in Udaipur


Nandeshwar is a small shallow lake situated about 14 km from Udaipur. The shallow part of the lake … [Read more...]

4 days ago
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5 Things to know about Sunburn Festival


A few days back when I told someone, do you know Udaipur is going to host Sunburn Music Fest in … [Read more...]

1 week ago
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Book Review: Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat


Chetan Bhagat released his seventh novel – Half Girlfriend this month. Being India’s bestselling … [Read more...]

4 weeks ago
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“Action” needed from heart to Change Udaipur


During a casual chit chat with a group of friends, we discussed about the impact of Narendra Modi … [Read more...]

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World hopes from India after PM Modi’s impressive U.S visit


Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a controversial image after the 2002 Gujarat riots. But leaving … [Read more...]

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Greynecked Bunting Sighted Near Udaipur

  On the outskirts of Udaipur city, Rajasthan, is a small hill called Neemach Mata, which is … [Read more...]

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Healing Health and Happiness through Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is both a curative and preventive discipline. A physiotherapist is healer, architect … [Read more...]

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The Pillars of Indian Democracy- As they stand now

Legislature, Executive and Judiciary are considered to be the three Pillars or Columns of our … [Read more...]

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Vasundhraji, Thank you, already. But, I hope…

Vasundraji, your coming to Udaipur has already been a blessing to many parts of the city. The entire … [Read more...]

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