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Bohra Ganesh Residents Protest over Growing Crime

residentsResidents from Bohra Ganesh ji area and nearby localities met the District Collector, Hemant Gera and appealed him to take stern actions against the mounting criminal activities in the city. The group of people also included students who were mainly the victims of bike theft cases.

Bohra Ganesh ji area is also known as students area as a number of students who come to Udaipur for study stay in rented or paying guest accommodation in this area due to its vicinity to the university campus.

According to Jitendra Maroo, 5 incidences of motorbike thefts have been registered in the area in the last 15 days and all these vehicles belong to outsider students. This area and adjoining Payda has also witnessed incidents of chain snatchings.

The group was led by Bhartia Janta Yova Morcha and Rana Pratap Mandal Udaipur.

Bhagvati Paliwal, the Chief Secretary of the Rana Pratap Mandal said that not only these two areas, but the entire city is in grip of criminals.

“People will fail to trust Police if no stern and affective actions are taken to stop these illicit activities,” said Jitendra Maroo.

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  1. vijay says

    “People will fail to trust Police …” well said. Though I would like to add that people have already done so. In my area we have our own security guards and we pay for it . Besides paying the Income tax and Service tax that the gov is propogating is for good education, security,


    I am computer teacher and works in s.s.s.siras bharatpur.Ihops hum sabhi sakari ho gay hai.


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