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Bohra Youth to Protest over Dargah Controversy

Dawoodi Bohra (Youth) Community File Memorandum with the Collector


Members of the Dawoodi Bohra (Youth) community arranged a meeting with the Collector, Hemant Gera today morning, where they assembled to explain the situation of restricted access to one of the oldest shrines (Syedi Luqman Ji Sahib Dargah) at Vazihpura in Bohrawadi.

The members presented a Memorandum to the Collector where it was stated that if necessary action on opening of the doors is not initiated by the administration, the members of the Dawoodi Bohra (Youth) community will be sitting on an indefinite and peaceful protest outside the shrine, starting on 25th June.

The letter stated that the members of the Community will take all necessary steps to ensure that no untoward happening takes place during the protest, which will affect the law and order situation. Every possible assistances will also be accorded to the administration and Police to stop any miscreant induced activity during the protest in the location of the protest.

The representatives of the community also requested the Collector that the administration take the necessary steps to facilitate re-opening of the gates of the Dargah, as it is situated in the hub of Bohrawadi and passage as well as visits by the patrons of the Dawoodi Bohra members to the Dargah is very frequent.

They cited that the issue on the main doors being closed had been going on for over a month, and the administration had not yet acted upon it. The doors had been temporarily opened on the day of the URS of Syedi Luqman ji Saheb, but again on 19th June, the doors were closed yet again.

3 years ago