Dr. Arvinder Singh’s book now available on Kindle

Dr. Arvinder Singh's book is available on Kindle.

Dr. Arvinder Singh’s book now available on Kindle

“Ten Tools to Creative Genius”- a book by Dr. Arvinder Singh, CEO Arth Diagnostics, is now available on Kindle. It is available in India, UK, USA, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Europe and Canada.

The book has 10 creative tools to explore creativity skills of a person:

  1. Understanding a problem appropriately
  2. Finding comparative solutions for the problems
  3. Increasing creativity
  4. Finding solutions in adverse circumstances
  5. Solving any issue step by step
  6. Staying focused
  7. Solving problems by finding connectivity between them
  8. Immediate control of a problem
  9. Finding solutions as per situations after analysing subject matter
  10. Rising out of difficult situations and finding new ways of living life

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