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Campaign to Eradicate Measles Starts

measles-childUnder the program to eradicate measles in children, Medical Department started its campaign today, where in the first phase schools are targeted where the nurses vaccinated children from 3 years up to the age group of 10 years. Alongside, in Anganbadis, children from 9 months up to the age of 10 years were vaccinated.

Measles vaccine is injected into the body of the patient, whereas polio vaccine is given orally.


Measles is a disease which is tightly attributed to superstitious beliefs in rural and tribal Indian culture. The patient is locked at home and not shown to the doctor for treatment, as people believe that the patient is under the influence of some evil spirit and the cure will be done by itself, as soon as the spirit leaves him/her.

Experts say that, 300 out of 400 children dying due to Measles are from India, due to illiteracy and superstitious believes.

This Vaccination program will continue until the medical department reaches the target 19.18 lakh children in Udaipur Division.

There is no door to door survey in this program, but parents can take their child of 9 months up to the age group of 10 years to the nearest “Anganbadi” or “Asha” outlet for vaccination.

In this program, the medical department appealed to the people to provide their co-operation, so that this deadly disease can be removed as they did for polio.

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