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Cell-phone Claims Life of a 23-year old Motorcyclist

mobile-phone-drivingA 23-year old youth had to pay the price with his life for talking on mobile phone while riding on his motorcycle.

The accident occurred today afternoon near Goverdhan Vilas Police station when 23-year-old Harish Meena lost control over his motorbike and crashed with road divider. He died on the spot. Harish was reportedly talking on cell phone while driving when the accident happened.

According to police sources, Harish, hailing from Kherwada, was working as a helper in one of the city malls. He used to live in a rented house near Panchwati.

Every weekend, he used to go to Kherwada to meet his family. Today, while returning back to Udaipur, Harish met with an accident on the Goverdhan Vilas highway.

This is second such incident of a cell-phone related death in the city in recent times. A similar case was reported a few months back when a girl was hit by a train while she was walking on railway track and talking on mobile phone.

UT view: Can any call be more urgent and important than one’s life? If the call has to be picked, please stop by and pick the call. Sometimes, unfortunately, life doesn’t give a second chance!

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  1. vijay says

    Unfortunate incident for the family of the deceased.
    I completely agree with UT view and those who don’t perhaps believe in life after death!

  2. sanjay says

    This is really unfortunate that this happened but at the same time we have to take the responsibility for ourselves,it is not the mobile phone rather the carelessness
    which caused the accident.

  3. Balwant Singh says

    Yes I am also agree with UT view. Sometimes persons are oversmart when driving bike or car, I saw many persons who are talking overphone when driving.
    But who cares…


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