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Chetak Cinema is No More


Chetak Cinema, the movie theatre that screened cinema shows for decades in Udaipur is finally getting flattened, making it a history forever. The rear section of the building is already demolished and soon the front part will also be brought down.

Saifuddin Bhalamwala, the owner of Chetak Cinema has confirmed the demolition of the building, but what will come up on its place is still not decided. However, sources say that the location is favorable for a mall and Udaipur might see another mall on the stand of Chetak Cinema.


“PVR is already in Udaipur, INOX is also coming soon, we are just seeing the public response and let’s see what comes up next”, said Saifuddin.

Chetak Cinema was named after Chetak- the horse of Maharana Pratap and later when developed the Chetak Circle was named after the name of Cinema. Constructed in 1951 with the seating capacity of 1012, the cinema was unsurpassed until the end of its time.

3 years ago

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  1. vijay says

    The only cinema to show English/Hollywood flicks in the 1970-80. Sometimes they would mix up the reels, show the last reel before the second and the the third! Generally the sound of these Hollywood flicks use to be bad, or maybe I did not understand the accent! However most English speaking and pseudos (including me) would be seen at Chetak Cinema sharply at 10.15 am on Sundays.
    Also I clearly remember the black board out side declaring “आज फिल्म पेटी नहीं आने हे कारण, शो नहीं होगा ” So we would head for the coffee house (now closed) for a dosa and some coffee.
    Miss you Chetak Cinema .

  2. Varun says

    Oh man…so many memories attached to this place. I still remember my first crush happened at this place and i saw the first movie of my life “Tridev” here. Chetak Cinema you will be missed badly!!!

  3. Sajid says

    Another glorious chapter in the history of Udaipur is happening. Very fond memories of this theatre resides with me. Anyways we do believe that whatever will surpass this place will bring with it a golden era once again. Farewell dear Chetak Cinema, our tear filled adieu to you….

  4. Rajendra Singh says

    Miss u chetak cinema, it was routine of our team to reach there on fridays to see new movies and it was the best point for us to meet each other. cnt forget the days spent there. i still know first i see the movie ‘Hum Apke hai Kaun” in chetak

  5. udzen says

    we first learnt to jump up the queues to buy tickets. be it the box or balcony or special…getting a ticket jumping the line was always special!
    a group of friends…one of them taking of their wallet and wrist watch and handing it over to the others…then climbing up the railing where the ticket line was…jutting an arm having the ticket moolah into the ticket window…and shouting – 6 dena box…khulle nahi hai…!!!
    no fun of this sort at PVR. Oh technology…oh modernisation…oh culture!!
    Miss you Chetak…!

  6. Shujauddin Kagzi says

    I remember the day when lower class cost only Rs 0.85 had we had (My brother) only Rs 1.20 short 50 Paisa, but willing to see “Jis Desh Main Ganga Baehti Hai” so walk upto Ghantaghar and collect 25 paisa each from meternal uncle (he used to give us 25 paisa on each visit) and rushed to cinema hall and enjoyed the film.
    Never forget “Chetak” the pride of udiour and the Pride for Bhalam Wala Family


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