7 people arrested for gambling in Badi

7 people were arrested by STF for gambling.

7 people arrested for gambling in Badi

Special Task Force (STF) arrested 7 people for gambling. These people were arrested near Hotel Haveli Resort in Badi village. STF recovered 61 thousand rupees from these people.

Nirmal Jain, Mukesh Mali, Manohar, Ankit, Sunil, Piyush and Vikas were arrested by STF. As per police, 2 of these people are below 18 years of age. Their parents were called and they were handed over to their parents as it was reported that they were not involved in gambling instead only watching the process.

STF also arrested a man from Mallatali for gambling. Adil was supposedly betting and there were a lot of people with him. Most of the people ran away when they noticed STF approaching them. Adil was arrested with around 5500 rupees and a diary in which he was entering the betting numbers.

(media reports)

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