A wanted criminal in cases of theft arrested

Wanted robbery criminal arrested on Sunday.

A wanted criminal in cases of theft arrested

Goverdhan Vilas police has arrested a wanted criminal on Sunday. Rohit Kalal was wanted for a number of theft and robbery cases. Police arrested him on Sunday after getting his whereabouts from an informer.

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Wanted criminal Rohit confessed having committed a number of robbery and theft cases with 4 of his accomplices. He was wanted since long time for 23 cases of robbery. His accomplices were arrested long time back. The wanted criminal described his modus operandi as a good recce of the area during broad daylight after which they committed the crime at night in lone houses. Rohit Kalal was the leader of this gang and committed around 23 cases of robbery with his gang. He also made friends while in imprisonment much earlier and planned his next moves there itself.

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