Eklingpura murder case-Murder or suicide??

Murder or suicide? Mystery is yet to be solved.

Eklingpura murder case-Murder or suicide??

Rahul of Punjab was found dead in his room on the night of 17th September. He was shot in the head. Prima facie it is a case of murder. Post mortem has been conducted and the body has been handed over to Rahul’s brother.

Questions are being raised on the murder by the brother of the deceased. As per the brother Rana Singh, the parents have not yet been informed of his death. Rana said that he created an alibi of Rahul’s bad health and came to Udaipur when he received information of his death. Police is still confused if it is a case of suicide or murder. Rana says that Rahul was brought to Udaipur by a friend for the purpose of job and was living with this friend in a rented accommodation. He did not have any kind of animosity with anyone nor did he indulge in any money transaction with anyone. The mystery is yet to be solved as to who killed Rahul and why?

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