Thief caught and thrashed by mob

A thief was caught and thrashed by mob at Chetak Circle.

Thief caught and thrashed by mob

A thief was caught by mob at Chetak Circle and beaten up to a great extent. The incident happened in broad daylight on Tuesday. The city is getting too loaded with such incidents of theft and robbery, murders and kidnapping. This thief probably thought that he had made his day by laying his hands on somebody’s wallet, but he was in for an unpleasant episode of his life.

An old man started shouting when the thief snatched his wallet and ran. Hearing the old man’s cries, people ran towards the thief and caught him. Anger poured out and they started beating this thief. Surrounded and beaten by the mob, the thief pleaded mercy but the angry mob did not give up. They beat him up continuously and handed him over to the police.

Such incidents are increasing in the city. Every now and then, we have papers and social media flooding with such episodes. It may be noted that very recently, an excise officer was looted and murdered in front of his daughter’s eyes.

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