Wanted criminal in attempt to murder case arrested

Wanted criminal arrested.

Wanted criminal in attempt to murder case arrested

A criminal who was declared wanted in the list of Ambamata police was arrested on Wednesday. He was wanted in a case of attempt to murder.

Ambamata police arrested Bhupendra Gameti resident of Badgaon who was absconding for the past one year in a case f attempt to murder. He was out of jail on bail one year back when he stole a bike and hid somewhere. He was declared as a wanted criminal by police. Police was searching for this wanted criminal constantly. On Wednesday, as per the news from an informer, police came to know that Bhupendra Gameti was about to return to his residence in Badgaon. Police surveillance had begun and the moment Bhupendra reached his home, he was arrested by police.

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There were 2 motorcycles outside his house. When police asked for the papers of these 2 wheelers, he could not produce them. After this police took him to the police station for interrogation and also seized the bikes. He revealed that he had stolen the bikes from Navratan Complex and Dagliyon ki magri. After interrogation, he was presented before court and sent behind bars.

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