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Crocodile Grass Swallowing Kumhariya Lake


“Splashing rivers and lakes of Udaipur are blessings of rain God Indra. However, our lakes, including, Fatehsagar, Udaysagar, Pichola, Swaroopsagar, Kumhariya pond and Rangsagar are all infected with Crocodile grass, Hydrilla, Water Hyacinth and above all the city’s sewerage.”

There is an urgent need for the Administration to look after these water reservoirs. If Kumhariya pond is not be cleaned in time, then there is high possibility that Swaroop Sagar, along with Pichola will get affected adversely”,

Above views were put up in the conference today by Lake Conservation Committee members, organized at Dr. Mohan Singh Mehta Memorial Trust.

Dr Tej Rajdan, Secretary of Lake Conservation Committee, along with, Anil Mehta, Additional Secretary said that, at present the lakes, ponds and rivers are filled , hence, this is the right time to check sewerage lines and tank levels, so that outflow of water from lakes could be controlled and city’s sewerage flow could be curbed.

On the occasion, President of Chandpol Resident Committee, Tej Shankar Paliwal said, “Envisaging the upcoming Ganesha idol diffusion, the Administration as well as the public have to understand and ensure that the idol should not be immersed in the lakes. We all must be aware that lakes and ponds are the source of drinking water for the city”.

Paliwal continued, “The Crocodile Grass and the Hydrilla Grass in Kumhariya pond is growing towards Rang Sagar. This grass could be more dangerous than the water Hyacinth; it is high time to control these weeds.

Concluding the conference, Trust Secretary, Nand Kishore Sharma said, “Apart from lakes, the Administration and the citizens must not create a garbage dump out of channels and rivers carrying water to and from lakes”.

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