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Darshan Timings and Schedule at Shree Ekling Ji Temple

shivaOn the 14th day of waning moon in month of Falgun which is falling on 20th Feb this year, Mahashivratri celebration will start at Shree Ekling Ji Temple at 10 pm. According to Shree Eklingji Trust the special pooja will start at 10 pm and it will continue till 12 noon on Tuesday. Special decoration will be done in this pooja and Panchamrata will be offered.

In this pooja of four prahar, 13 rudrapaath will be done in each prahar 9.25 kgs of Panchamrata will be offered making a total of 46 Kgs. and 52 Rudrabhishek.

The Palace Band will continue to beat throughout this time and darshan will remain open for all these hours. The devotees can take the opportunity of darshan till 11:30 on 21st Feb.

After this regular Trikal Pooja will start and the temple will remain open till 8 pm. It has been humbly requested by Shree Eklingji Trust to the devotees to come for darshan labh from Monday night to Tuesday afternoon.

Timings: Monday: 4:30 am – 7:00am; 10:30 am- 1:30 pm; 5:00 pm- 7:30 pm; 10:00pm – 11:30 am on Tuesday

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  1. sanjay jaipuria says

    pls let me know the darshan timings in july 2012 since we want to visit the shrine on 14/15 of July 2012

    • Y K agarwal says

      please give the Darshan timing for the month of Dec.12 by today itself because we are planning for darshan tommorow

  2. Hariom Sharma says

    please give the darshan chart sepretly in colour veiw monhly or weelty and site update in shortly period

  3. Hariom Sharma says

    please give th edarshan chart in colour view sepret and char shuld be weely or monthly


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