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Dead Body found near Charan Hostel


An unidentified body of a middle aged man was found at the Kejri Mata Dewra, near Charan Hostel, today afternoon at around 2:20; police has shifted the body to the mortuary, for identification.

Today morning at around 9, the students staying at the Charan Hostel, near Fatah School saw the body lying upside down on the wall of the Kejri Mata Dewra, they thought it was a drunken man lying that way in drunken state, but when they saw body again in the afternoon lying in the same posture, they doubted and went close only to find that he was a dead man.

The students contacted Surajpol Police about the incidence; police responded on the scene and shifted the body to the mortuary for identification, informed police.

The reason of death is yet unclear; the man was appearing as labor and wearing a green shirt and black trouser and was also wearing a woolen cape. No Id proof was found from his cloths and his age is assumed to be around 50 years.

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