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Dev Prasad Ganava appointed as New Bishop of Udaipur Catholics


In an especially organized religious ceremony conducted at St. Paul’s School compound, Devprasad Ganava is deputed as the Bishop of Udaipur Catholic community; Ganava will take the esteemed position from former Bishop, Joseph Pathalil who served for 28 years.

The installation ceremony was conducted in the presence of Salvatore Pennacchio, representative of Pop Benedict XVI. Pennacchio greeted the audience with appreciation and thanked former bishop Joseph Pathalil for his service and also expressed gratitude to new bishop Ganava for showing the consent over Pop’s request. Prior to this assignment, Ganava was the Bishop of Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh.


“I am feeling fortunate to be appointed as Bishop of Udaipur Catholics”, said Bishop Dev Prasad Ganava in a short address to present guests and several community representatives.

Bishop Ganava was brought to Saint Paul’s auditorium from Fatima Cathedral in the form of a procession at 10:30 am; he was welcomed on stage in a traditional manner and an Order Letter from Pope Benedict XVI was read by his ambassador in India Monsieur Romanas Mebena in Latin language and later translated in Hindi.


Bishop Ganava was given the Crosier as a symbol of headship and the customs of installation were conducted.

Divisional Commissioner of Udaipur Subodh Kumar Agarwal was also present on the occasion. He appreciated the social works accomplished by the missionary.

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