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Dr. Anil Sadgopal to arrive in Udaipur, will attend various programs

anil-sadgopalDr. Anil Sadgopal, a renowned botanist, educationist, social reformer and activist is coming to Udaipur on 25th February to attend several programs scheduled in the city including a meet-up with press personnel, a conference on the right to education at Vidya Bhavan and an address to students of Kherwada on 26th February.

According to information given by Dr. S. Paliwal, member and RTE activist, Dr. Anil Sadgopal will address the Udaipur press and media fraternity in a program “Meet the Press” on 25th February, 11am at the Lakecity Press Club. Dr. Sadgopal will share his views on challenges in education and rights in education to create an awareness among the common mass.

At 2:30pm, Dr. Anil Sadgopal will speak at a program organized by the Vidya Bhawan Society, Seva Mandir and Mohan Singh Mehta Memorial Trust where he will speak on the “Right to Education and Fight for Common Opportunities”. He is also scheduled to meet upright citizens including the youth of Udaipur.

On 26th February, Dr. Sadgopal and his team will visit a senior school in Kherwada, where he will take part in a discussion session with the general public and try to solve the queries and problems related to education. The program will start at 11 in the morning and will continue till 4pm.

70-year-old Dr. Anil Sadgopal is basically a scientist; he worked as a professor in Delhi University.

He also served as Head and Dean of Maulana Azad Center of Elementary and Social Education. After contributing in various fields, he has solely dedicated his life to the field of education reform in India.

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