Anganwadis to be allotted buildings soon

Anganwadi centers will now have their own buildings.

Anganwadis to be allotted buildings soon

There are 390 centres of Anganwadi in Udaipur district which are presently being operated in rented buildings. It has been announced by the Department for Women’s welfare and Child development that more than 40 centres of Anganwadi will now be provided with state buildings.

Lands have already been allotted for this purpose of Anganwadi centres. Asst. Director Dr. Taru Surana said that arrangements are being made under a project to provide Anganwadi centres with state buildings. 40 centres will have their own roof in the near future. Plans are being made to provide buildings to the other centres as well. It is also being planned to shift some of the Anganwadi centres to the government school buildings within 500 metres of their area. Education in these Anganwadi centres will be controlled by the specific school.

Anganwadi is a type of rural mother and child care centre in India. They were started by the Indian government in 1975 as part of the Integrated Child Development Services program to combat child hunger and malnutrition.

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