CCTV cameras mandatory for Government and private Colleges

All government and private colleges must install CCTV cameras.

CCTV cameras mandatory for Government and private Colleges

It is mandatory for the government and private colleges to install CCTV cameras at entry and exit gates. As per the Commissionerate of College Education, if any of the colleges do not follow the instructions they will not be given recognition. Even the renewal process of the college will be done only after the mandate is followed. The manager or the head of any college will have to furnish documents revealing the installation of CCTV cameras.

It is a matter of concern that notorious elements are active outside almost every college and incidents of eve-teasing and misconduct have increased. To keep a check on these issues, police has asked the higher education departments for relevant measures to control these incidents. The principals of all such educational institutes and colleges will henceforth be required to follow the mandate of CCTV cameras. Initially complaint boxes and registers were used so that females could write their complaints but the fear of their names being revealed could provoke these notorious elements even more and this fear stopped the females from lodging their complaints. With the CCTV camera surveillance, a check can be kept on these issues and action can be taken against the mischief happening outside the colleges.

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