Private hotels to adopt government hostels

Private hotels will adopt government hostels to improve their conditions.

Private hotels to adopt government hostels

To improve the conditions and to provide a new direction to the government hostels in Udaipur district, it has been decided that private hotels will adopt these hostels and provide them better facilities. This innovative project has been taken up as a joint collaboration of district administration and tourism department.

The first phase of this project will collect the list of 87 hostels falling under Regional Tribal Development Department. The list will be handed over to the hoteliers and the hospitality industry so that they can assess and eventually improve the conditions of these hostels. In a meeting held on 27th August, the hoteliers and tourism department expressed their desire about improving the conditions of these government hostels and provide them a better environment. Whoever provides the best of conditions and improves the hostel environment will be awarded on the occasions of Independence Day and republic Day.

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As informed by the Assistant Director of Tourism Department, the special efforts are being made so that children can turn into better citizens and this is possible only once they have a good environment and better education facilities.

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