Psychosomatic symptoms increasing among children

Children are suffering from psychosomatic diseases.

Psychosomatic symptoms increasing among children

Research reports on children in the age group of 5 to 18 years have brought out shocking studies which reveal that children in the above mentioned age group are now becoming victims of psychosomatic diseases.

Studies show that around 30 percent children between 5 and 18 years of age are suffering from psychosomatic diseases. These are the children who are not able to open up to anyone out of fear. Basically the fear comes from physical bash up by parents and harsh attitudes of teachers regarding studies.

Students who fall in this category become unhappy and depressed with the attitudes of parents and teachers. Eventually, they suffer from headaches, stomach ailments, heavy breathing and epilepsy and even faint regularly, urinate too much and bat their eye lids very often.

Attention needs to be paid to these children as these symptoms can grow into lifelong trouble if not diagnosed and treated on time. Demand for good marks in studies and pressure of parents for excelling in every subject is creating a terror among students now-a-days. The result is that children have started maintaining distance from their parents for the fear that a bad result will invite a bomb blast from parents and teachers, both.

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