Zip line before Chirwa tunnel attracts public

Experience the thrill of zip line in Flower valley-Chirwa ghata.

Zip line before Chirwa tunnel attracts public

Chirwa ka ghata has constantly been attracting crowds. Earlier tourists used to get attracted to the serpentile road, then came the tunnel which attracted public even more and now to add to its attraction is the Zip line in the flower valley.

Vehicles passing through this area stop instantly after spotting people enjoying the zip line. It has been noticed that public is actually loving the scenic flower valley and the added attraction of zip line. As per sources, the valley is fetching an income of 30,000 rupees per day, whereas Sundays are fetching close to a lakh of rupees. The entire valley is so beautiful that its magnetism pulls in the crowds passing by on that route.

Tourists are now loving this area more than other spots as adventure is the USP of flower valley. Even children are enjoying their share of adventure through this zip line. Last Sunday it was noticed that tourists had queued up for the zip line. Each one wanted to experience the thrill of hanging. There is also a provision of cafeteria and view-point for the tourists in the valley.

It may be noted that the zip line is 375 metres long. Teams are ready on each side of the zip line to take care of the adventure lovers. It has been pointed out that the view of the valley from the zip line is an absolutely amazing experience and a perfect scene for photography.

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