Lake and Nature conservation marathon organised on Sunday

Lake and nature conservation marathon organised on Sunday.

Lake and Nature conservation marathon organised on Sunday

A marathon was organised on Sunday. The main objective of the marathon was Lake and Nature conservation. The marathon organised by Tempsens Group and Positive Charge sanstha began from Rani Road. The 9 km run had 640 enthusiastic participants comprising of children, youths and even the old and aged. The marathon was flagged off by Phool Singh Meena. Around 1000 plants were distributed post the marathon.

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The message given through this marathon was that of conserving nature and lakes. It also laid emphasis on the importance of good health. Children upto 10 years of age participated in 2 km run, those in the bracket of 10 to 15 participated in 4 km run and the others participated in 9 km run. Director Sonal Rathi gave away certificates to the participants.

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