Udaipur hotels to celebrate pollution free Diwali

Pollution free Diwali to be celebrated in Hotels of Udaipur this year.

Udaipur hotels to celebrate pollution free Diwali

Udaipur hotels have decided to celebrate a pollution free Diwali this year. Symbolic lamps (diyas) and candle lights will be the highlights this season.

Doing away with crackers, hotels in Lakecity have decided to lure the foreign customers with lamps, candle lights and flowers on this Diwali festival. Fire crackers create pollution hence these will not be used at all in the hotels. Overall, the festival will be celebrated with simplicity and beauty.

Children love crackers, but for them only the crackers that create light will be used. No sound and no smoke is the theme chosen for this Diwali season. Members of Hotel Association said that this year they have pledged to celebrate Diwali only with lights and no pollution.

Manager of Ramada Resort, Dolly Talwar, said that plans have been made for an environment friendly Diwali. To give a traditional look, Ramada will be decorated with marigold flowers and diyas. Special sweets will be made for the tourists. Crackers will not be used. The cracker show conducted for the children will have pollution free crackers which will create light but no smoke.

Udaipur hotels to celebrate pollution free Diwali

Swati Agrawal, Radisson Blue, said that Diwali will be celebrated in the hotel based on theme “Celebrating India”. The hotel will be decorated with lamps and candle lights. The main attraction will be food. 160 dishes are to be cooked in the hotel on the occasion of Diwali. They will consist of South Indian, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Rajasthani and other dishes from around the country. Cultural programmes will also keep the guests entertained.

President of Hotel Association and owner of Udai Kothi Vishwa Vijay Singh said that almost all hotels are preparing for celebrating pollution free Diwali. Hotels are being decorated in traditional ways with Rangoli and special traditional lighting. Emphasis is being laid on good food items. Almost all hotels of the city are booked for Diwali this year.


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